Reverse DNS RFCs and Recommendations

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In message <5964ADA4-8FCF-4FCE-9E64-7474CCAE57F2 at>, Cutler James R writes:
> Dynamic DNS providers will undoubtably endeavor to make money from AAAA
> and SRV entries for publicly-reachable services in SOHO and home
> networks. Dynamic DNS providers are normally not delegated authority to
> provide PTR records for ISP managed addresses, making provision of
> complementary AAAA and PTR records highly unlikely.
> Because of the cost of scaling and delegation issues I agree with Jason
> and see no compelling business case for rDNS services for SOHO or
> residential users.

Did you BOTHER TO READ the draft before commenting as the comments
imply that you haven't.  Nothing in the draft is more difficult
than is what is already being done inside enterprises networks today
every single minute of the day.

Enterprise DHCP servers construct DNS PTR records and add them to
the DNS using TSIG signed UPDATE requests.  They do it at one per

This is DHCP servers constucting a DNS KEY record and adding it to
the DNS using TSIG signed UPDATE requests.  The amount is ONE per
customer.  ISP's already support a PTR record per customer so your
scale arguement is blown out of the water.  This is draft addresses
the delegation issue by automating it so that any CPE device from
any manufacture can perform the delegation without humans being


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