Recovery mode on Juniper M7i

Anurag Bhatia me at
Wed Nov 6 21:11:50 UTC 2013

Hello everyone!

Greetings of the day.

I am kind of (badly) stuck with multiple routers and not able to recover
the root password. It's Juniper M7i. I have followed the Juniper support
page as given here -
strange enough that it worked with one of routers I have but failed on
rest all.

I am getting stuck on Step #12. As I give "boot -s" to get into single user
mode of BSD, system next asks me for root password and hence I am out of
luck to get into "recovery mode". I tried pressing enter on that prompt as
well but no luck. I am connecting to router via console and do have
physical access to router(s).

Was wondering if someone has seen similar issues and could guide on what I
am doing wrong? Most of other help pages I have seen on net have same exact
steps as given on that page.


Anurag Bhatia

Linkedin <> |

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