Do you obfuscate email headers when reporting spam issues to clients?

Landon landonstewart at
Wed Nov 6 18:30:20 UTC 2013


We (iWeb AS32613) are currently making great strides in getting out from
under the volume of reports received and getting on top of things.

How much trouble does your abuse department go to in order to obfuscate
headers when providing evidence of spamming activity regardless of if it’s
intentional/professional spammer activity or some kind of malware infection
allowing a third party to spam.  Especially for the pro spammers, we don’t
want them list washing anything or worse yet becoming privy to spamtrap
data if the reporting party wasn’t smart enough to obfuscate their own data
before sending in the report.

So basically in order to be able to provide some evidence to clients they
can use in the case of an infection of some type but not give away too much
information to professional spammers we need to find a balance.  I’m not
sure if it’s worthwhile going to too much trouble on this since basically
regardless of the data they get sent they are going to be nuked if they are
actual spammers anyway.

Landon Stewart <LandonStewart at>

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