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Mon Nov 4 05:38:11 UTC 2013

On Sun, Nov 03, 2013 at 08:49:32AM -0800, Private Sender wrote:
> On 11/3/2013 8:39 AM, rwebb at wrote:
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> > I am looking for some info on current practice for an email server 
> > and SMTP delivery. It has been a while since I have had to setup an
> > email server and I have been tasked with setting up a small one for
> > a friend. My question centers around the server sending outgoing
> > email and the current practices requirements for other servers to
> > accept email Things like rDNS, SPF records, etc...
> > 
> > I am pretty much set on the issue of incoming spam and virus. 
> > Probably overkill but it is checked at the Sophos UTM firewall and 
> > at the email server itself.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > 
> > Robert
> > 
> MX, PTR, and SPF are really all you need. I would recommend you go a
> step further and use DKIM, ADSP, and DMARC. It will help keep asshat
> spammers from flaming your domain all over the internet.
> I use to verify my configuration.
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> - -Bret Taylor

	small - so you likely want to avoid the problems of SMTP with thyroid problems.
	simple is good. practically, you don't need DKIM, ADSP, DMARC or really any 
	quasi reputation systems in play.  For that matter you don't need SPF either...
	PTR's are good to have and an MX can be more useful than not - BUT - none of 
	them are required for a host to received and process SMTP.  


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