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Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Mon Nov 4 00:52:13 UTC 2013

[resurrecting this thread, as it's been a while since I read nanog-ml,
and this is surprisingly important to me...]

On 19 October 2013 15:36, Randy Bush <randy at psg.com> wrote:
> abha ahuja, researcher and operator, died this day in 2001 at a
> tragically early age.  if you did not know her, search a bit.
> she did a lot, and with an open mind and heart.

I met Abha whilst working in Amsterdam (on Squid, doing (consentual!)
transparent reverse proxying for customer websites at a transit
provider. Yes, I know, evil.) I was a bit star struck - I had been
using GateD for three or four years at various ISPs before Europe, and
then one day she casually strolls into the office.

I remember one of our excursions into the city centre (likely to a
RIPE meeting day) and she wondered why the heck anyone would want to
teach a web proxy about AS numbers. She was always energetic and
passionate about whatever we talked about. It was inspiring.

I had just turned 21 shortly before this happened. I had just moved
back to Australia and we had been keeping in touch. Then, this. It was
very sobering.


(hi all!)

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