latest Snowden docs show NSA intercepts all Google and Yahoo DC-to-DC traffic

Michael Thomas mike at
Sat Nov 2 13:35:04 UTC 2013

On 11/01/2013 07:18 PM, Mike Lyon wrote:
> So even if Goog or Yahoo encrypt their data between DCs, what stops
> the NSA from decrypting that data? Or would it be done simply to make
> their lives a bit more of a PiTA to get the data they want?

My bet is that when the said the were "partially" capable of 
intercepting things,
that means that they haven't broken any of the usual suspects in a 
way, but instead are using anything they can think of to do what they 
want to
do. So all of the known crypto vulnerabilities, backdoors, breakins, 
etc, etc are
added to the "partial" bucket. And it wouldn't surprise me that that 
"partial" is
an impressive amount, because so much of internet security is a big old 


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