latest Snowden docs show NSA intercepts all Google and Yahoo DC-to-DC traffic

Lyndon Nerenberg lyndon at
Sat Nov 2 02:35:40 UTC 2013

On Nov 1, 2013, at 7:18 PM, Mike Lyon <mike.lyon at> wrote:

> So even if Goog or Yahoo encrypt their data between DCs, what stops
> the NSA from decrypting that data? Or would it be done simply to make
> their lives a bit more of a PiTA to get the data they want?

Markhov chain text generators are cheap.  Rather than amping up the crypto, why not bury them under heaping piles of steaming bullshit?

After all, it would be the patriotic thing to do.  Not only would you be helping employ your fellow network engineers (someone has to increase the size of the effluent pipes), you would be boosting manufacturing (disks for storage, high-end network gear for capture, mainframes and asics for filtering and analysis) and helping the much-maligned coal industry ensure its future prospects (that gear isn't built from electron sipping Atom CPUs, you know!).


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