large scale ipsec

Paul Stewart paul at
Fri Nov 1 14:31:52 UTC 2013

Can you give us an idea of “large scale” in your mind?  Also, site to site
deployments or remote access or both?


On 11/1/2013, 9:38 AM, "Jan Schaumann" <jschauma at> wrote:

>Who here on this list has deployed IPSec or other comparable lower layer
>encryption in a large scale environment, or attempted to do so?
>I've repeatedly heard claims that doing so is not feasible (either
>operationally or financially), but I have not seen any specific studies,
>reports, numbers or anything else to support this.  Of course I haven't
>seen anything proving the opposite, either, which is why I'm reaching
>out here on this list.
>What was your experience, and what alternatives have you considered?  If
>your findings were made longer than, say, 5 years ago, what might have
>changed to change the results?

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