Data Center Installations

Jamie Bowden jamie at
Thu May 2 12:01:51 UTC 2013

> From: Warren Bailey [mailto:wbailey at]
> Do any of you have a "go to" resource for materials used in installations? Tie
> wraps, cable management, blahblahblah?
> I have found several places, but I'm curious to know what the nanog ninja's
> have to say.

I use Graybar for the most part.  If it's something small or easy, MicroCenter probably has it, but when I need a couple thousand feet of cat[5|5e|6|whatever], a bag of 500 cable ties, a box RJ-48s, etc., it's straight to Graybar.  If it's not already on the shelf they can get it quick and their pricing is pretty good.

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