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Jay Hennigan jay at
Wed Jul 31 15:00:19 UTC 2013

On 7/26/13 8:32 AM, Joel M Snyder wrote:

> I also don't see the problem of cold calling when it's obviously for a
> service or product that I am interested in, just as I don't see the
> problem of cold snail-mailing for the same services.  I'm in business,
> and I expect other businesses to try and market to me.  

I have a low tolerance for telemarketers, especially those who scrape
technical lists or databases.  One test I have is to immediately ask,
"Is this a sales call?"

Anything other than a forthright "Yes" gets nowhere.  Weasel words don't
count.  If the first thing they tell me is a lie, I don't want to do
business with them.  If they're honest I might give them a minute or two
to pitch their wares.

It's surprising how people go out of their way to deny that it's a sales
call, and then start trying to sell something.

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