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John Curran jcurran at
Sun Jul 28 04:34:18 UTC 2013

On Jul 27, 2013, at 9:00 PM, Jimmy Hess <mysidia at> wrote:
> ...
> In other words ---  they would have passed a knowledge proof,  showing
> they deserve the right to bypass  "Level 1 call center drones".
> E.g.  to gain enhanced access in a world with 'an additional level of
> whois access'
> Step 1...
>  1. Submit an application with a nominal fee, explain to the RIR
> your periodic use of WHOIS,   and how you would benefit from seeing
> 'special contacts' data;  also including signed NDA  regarding
> 'enhanced'   extra contact information.
>  2. Pay ongoing fees for criminal/spammer background checks, with
> results forwarded to the RIR.
>  3.  Show up at a RIR meeting, and sign the guest list --  or
> otherwise, get other members of the community to vouch for your
> character and technical capability, or,  as an alternative show
> technical credentials in the form of an earned professional level
> networking industry certification requiring a performance-based lab
> assessment with advanced network troubleshooting of Layer 1 through 4
> on real equipment.
> Those were some examples.

Jimmy - 

   If I understand you correctly, you are seeking establishment 
   of a database of private operator contact data; this data would
   only made available to those who are "provably known" (using
   some process TBD), who furthermore agree to its terms of use, 
   and potentially pay some nominal fee to offset its cost. 

   Based on my (admittedly dated) knowledge of service provider 
   operations, I can see how access to this "enhanced" data might 
   be a useful service, although I'm not certain that it being 
   based on "Whois" or the existing registry data is necessarily 
   required for the service to be useful.
   Also, while ARIN's purpose and mission could be said to include 
   such services, it's good to note that any organization whose 
   purposes include "areas in which inter-provider cooperation 
   can be mutually beneficial" would be also be a suitable home 
   for such an activity...


John Curran
President and CEO

p.s.  If in the end you feel strongly that _ARIN_ should be 
      offering such a service, please submit into the ARIN 
      Consultation and Suggestion Process..  (which doesn't 
      mean it will happen, only that we'll spec it out and 
      then put it in front of the community for consideration.)

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