ARIN WHOIS for leads

Jimmy Hess mysidia at
Sat Jul 27 01:36:59 UTC 2013

On 7/26/13, Warren Bailey <wbailey at> wrote:
> Said the Network Engineer of The City of San Francisco..

Hey,  noone said  the operators at the controls  don't have to give
the keys up if their owners demand it  --  the owners just can't

If you collectively piss off the guild of taxi drivers,  in a world
with no other cars;  that doesn't mean they have a right to run you
over on the street, but good luck hailing a cab  while your face is on
the collective list of  "people not to stop for".

Likewise...  if you're in the network device or  transit provider
service;    taking the risk of angering your very potential customer
base   by   failing to  keep the reigns on your marketing department
/ making sure they don't  spam  or  risk conducting other   faux pas
that could eventually be brand-destroying faux pas  is  not a great
idea :)

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