ARIN WHOIS for leads

Jimmy Hess mysidia at
Sat Jul 27 01:18:52 UTC 2013

On 7/26/13, Matt Hite <lists at> wrote:
> I actually think it's important to have contact information publicly
> available. I realize this opens the door for abuse, but I've found that
> using a call screening service (Google Voice) at least provides a bit of
> shield.

Hm..  a thought does occur,  that  /some/  operators might be inclined
to offer more useful contact listings  than they would otherwise do;
 if there were an  option to list some additional details  under an
"enhanced"    private WHOIS,  as a side-by-side enhancement to the
public version;    that is a  WHOIS   that when the asker is
authenticated  with an implied promise   that only   vetted
individuals   with a proven network engineering  experience
background  can see the 'additional' information,     that allows them
to review the query history for their record,  and possibly post a
"parameterized"  contact URL    whose use would be linked to the

Some operators might be comfortable listing something other than their
generic support phone#,   or e-mail address    that is so filtered,
the critical message will probably not get to the right contact, for
at least days or weeks.


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