ARIN WHOIS for leads

Michael Thomas mike at
Fri Jul 26 17:06:13 UTC 2013

On 7/26/13 9:54 AM, Alex Rubenstein wrote:
>> Case in point.. And I'm going to name drop, but do not consider this a shame.
>> I have been looking at various filtering technologies, and was looking at
>> Barracudas site. I went on with my day, but noticed that filtering vendors
>> start showing up on random websites. Fast forward 24 hours later..
> You know what I am waiting for?
> The LED billboards on the side of the road displaying targeted advertisements, based on your proximity to them, because your android phone is telling the sign where you are.
> Who thinks I am crazy?
Now, if it broadcast the grocery list and all I had to do is blink twice to
approve it so that all I had to do is drive through... that i might be able to
live with.


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