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Fri Jul 26 16:40:22 UTC 2013

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>What happen to the days when you could simply tell someone not
>interested, don't call again and you wouldn't hear from them ever
>Or the days when everything wasn't treated as spam????

When the former days disappeared, the latter days did also.  In that exact

If marketing wants to talk about "nurturing" leads, then I don't want to
be a lead.   Period.

My attitude changed the day I got my SIXTH call from the same sales guy
who I'd told "I might have the budget and need next year to get $product,
and if so I'll definitely call you.  The problem is that in this day and
age of autodialers and call centers, most of the incoming unsolicited
communications anyone gets are of a nature that they cost the person
initiating the conversation orders of magnitude less to send than it costs
you to answer.   In the snail mail days, that balance was a lot closer to
even, and so you weren't getting constant bombardments of semi- or
un-targeted marketing solely because you had a publicly visible contact

Josh Sholes

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