ARIN WHOIS for leads

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at
Fri Jul 26 15:40:12 UTC 2013

On Jul 26, 2013, at 11:05 , David Conrad <drc at> wrote:
> On Jul 26, 2013, at 7:58 AM, "Patrick W. Gilmore" <patrick at> wrote:

>> You can change anything you want. ARIN & ICANN are both member organizations. Propose a change, get the votes, and POOF!, things are changed.
> Err. ICANN isn't a membership organization. It is possible to change things at ICANN, but the mechanisms are ... different and much slower (since it involves getting consensus in a multi-stakeholder environment).

Sure it is, the membership is just very .. uh .. selective. :)

"Stakeholder" is just a fancy way of saying "member". They vote, things change.

Like I said, this is _exactly_ what Ryan wanted. Only the "anointed" get to decide things. Works out well, doesn't it?


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