ARIN WHOIS for leads

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>Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of maintaining the whois?


>We registered a few domains and get the same thing, I think it's
something that people are going to have to live with. :/

I agree. We just politely tell them we are not interested and move on
about our day. Some cold callers we have taken up on offers. It just
depends who calls and whether or not we are looking for new service.
WHOIS Privacy is nice for the domains and we use for some of our domains
but not all. We just hate when customers get those scam notices and call
us or open tickets about it.


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Subject: ARIN WHOIS for leads

Sent this little e-mail to ARIN:

I'm not sure that you guys can do anything about this, but it's worth
looking into. I registered AS626XX a week ago, and since it's
registration, I've been getting calls from "wholesale" carriers trying
to get me to purchase IP transit from them. Someone is obviously using
your database of contact information to generate sales leads.

512-377-6827 was one of the numbers trying to get more information about
my network and how they could "help" me.

My guess is someone is using your mass whois database, looking at the
most recently issued/created AS numbers, and cold calling.

Just thought I'd pass this along.

Due to the amount of calls I've received, I'm guessing its probably a
good idea to remove my contact info from the registration and setup
role's instead.

Does this sorta thing happen frequently with new registrations or did I
just draw the short straw?


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