Verizon MPLS / BGP help needed

Chris Rogers crogers at
Thu Jul 25 01:50:35 UTC 2013

This might be a starting point:

Not sure if it's accurate, as we don't have AS701 transit...

Chris Rogers
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On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 2:44 PM, Bill Ingrum <wingrum at> wrote:

> Hello,
> In my experience,
> all MPLS providers allow their customers to influence their own BGP route
> metrics by sending community values to the provider, with the provider
> adjusting metrics (such as local preference), based on these BGP
> communities
> (reference =
> ).
> I sent a simple
> request to our Verizon reps, asking for the community syntax required to
> perform this task on a Verizon MPLS network.  I expected a list of
> acceptable communities in the form of ASN:xxx
> (example:  65000:120 to set local
> preference to 120).
> My contacts at
> Verizon are insisting that this “feature” is not available and will not be
> available until September 2013!  From my
> perspective, they are basically telling me that we are not allowed to
> enforce
> our own route policy on our own network.
> If someone from
> Verizon is able to help, I would appreciate an offline response.
> Thank you!
> Bill

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