48V DC Terminal server recommendations

Charles N Wyble charles-lists at knownelement.com
Wed Jul 24 17:55:11 UTC 2013

I just use SSH to ip:portnum . Used the web ui for initial setup. Never used an applet. Didn't know one existed.

This is on an acs48 model. I forget the pdu model (cyclades i something), they just daisychain off the acs and you can hit a key combo to powercycle.

david peahi <davidpeahi at gmail.com> wrote:
>We have used the Avocent console/power terminal servers for several
>Although the browser interface is cluttered, and the use of Java
>poses connectivity challengesm Avocent is a useful console server for
>types of devices, and has the ability to remotely power-cycle AC and DC
>Avocent devices meet your specs (-48V PS, NEBS compliance).
>On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 7:59 AM, Jeremy Bresley <brez at brezworks.com>
>> Looking for recommendations on a good terminal server to put into a
>> colocate facility.
>> Requirements:
>> 8-16 ports for Cisco console access (RJ-45s preferred, DB9s if we
>have to)
>> -48V DC power
>> USB/internal modem for OOB access
>> NEBS Level 1 (or better) compliance.
>> So far I've found Perle has several models that meet 3 out of 4, but
>> that meet all the requirements.  The only OpenGear boxes we're seeing
>> DC power is a little 4 port unit and they don't mention NEBS
>>  Lantronix mentions DC power for their SLC line, but doesn't mention
>> anything about NEBS compliance either.
>> Anybody have any recommendations for one they've used that meets all
>4 of
>> those requirements?
>> Thanks!
>> Jeremy "TheBrez" Bresley
>> brez at brezworks.com

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