Office 365..? how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages

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Tue Jul 16 05:42:53 UTC 2013

Dropping everything at once may dilute the debate as I am sure your
government and every other government that may be proved to be involved
will try to focus the discussion on small and less damaging issues until
the bigger ones are forgotten.

Reveal something, wait a few weeks/months, reveal something else may keep
the debate open for longer time and at some point maybe enough critical
mass is attained where something can be achieved.

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> I don't think the conversation is based around the method by which
> information is intercepted. I hope the conversation is aligned with its
> reasoning for disclosure - the American people stopping a government who is
> known for abusing it's power. Obviously this does not mean physically
> stopping them, but I imagine most people know what motivates their state
> and national political officials. I still wonder why Mr. Snowden hasn't
> dropped more damaging information, it would seem his sworn enemy has made
> their feelings somewhat clear.
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> >> We (ISPs) are all compelled to provide information from time to time
> >> under a court order. The PRISM program is voluntary.
> >
> > Ask the ex-CEO of Qwest how "voluntary" that sort of stuff is.
> it REALLY depends on what 'prisim' is... seen in one light, the
> program is 'just' isp/asp people who agree to permit FISA requests to
> be satisfied via: "scp files from with key fingerprint
> 0xasdasdasd"
> of course, the other way to read it (as the news would like us to
> believe) is as: "plug nsa ethernet into eth1 of all servers and
> routers, kthxbi!"
> more details would certainly make this whole conversation less alamist
> and more rational.
> -chris

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