[NANOG-announce] Announcing the October 2013 NANOG Elections

Sylvie LaPerriere sylvie at newnog.org
Mon Jul 15 11:16:17 UTC 2013

Hello NANOGers!

This message is to encourage you, as a participant of this community, to
become NANOG members and to

consider standing for a leadership position at our upcoming October

The call for Board members nominations will be from August 9 to September
20 and for committee

members from September 12 to October 8.  We wanted to provide you now with
the election process

preview.  It’s posted at http://www.nanog.org/governance/elections/2013 and
we’ll make announcements at

every step.

Why should you become a NANOG member?

One Member = One Voter = One Eligible Candidate

Candidate and Voter eligibility are opened to every ‘member in good
standing’.  You may never have

attended a conference but as an active reader and poster on our mailing
lists, you contribute to the

knowledge of this community.  Becoming a NANOG member gives you the right
to stand for a position and

to vote in October.  You can join at http://www.nanog.org/membership/join.

What is expected of Committee Candidates? How many vacant positions?

In New Orleans, we reminded the community of the  documented set of roles,
responsibilities and

expectations placed on each position.  We trust you will find the following
useful.  Candidates will be

appointed Committee members by the newly elected Board next October.

* 3 vacancies: Communications Committee Member  - Refer to CC
Responsibilities <http://nanog.org/governance/cc/member_responsibility>

* 3 vacancies: Development Committee Member - Refer to DC

* 8 vacancies: Program Committee Member - Refer to PC

What is expected of a Board Candidate? How many vacant positions? Read the
Board Member Responsibilities and NANOG by-laws for a complete
understanding of the expectations placed on Board Members.

Board Member Responsibilities<http://nanog.org/governance/bod/member_responsibility>

NANOG By-laws<https://www.nanog.org/governance/documents/NANOG-Bylaws-October2011.pdf>

To ensure continuity on the Board, three seats out of six become open each
year due to the expiration of

2-year terms.  The Board members whose terms are expiring in October are:

*  Steve Gibbard

*  Sylvie LaPerriere

*  Duane Wessels

Sylvie and Duane have served two 2-year terms and cannot be considered for
re-election until October 2014

(one year leave).  Steve is completing his first two year term and he can
stand for re-election.

How do you Nominate?

You can self-nominate.  You care about NANOG’s governance and want to take
a turn at volunteering your

time and expertise to help make it better.

1. Make sure you are a NANOG member in good standing

2. Submit your Declaration of Candidacy to elections at nanog.org.

You can nominate others.

1. Send their contact information to elections at nanog.org

2. If they accept the nomination, they will be asked to become a NANOG
member in good standing

3. They will have to submit their Declaration of Candidacy to
elections at nanog.org.

As NANOG continues to evolve, our Board and our Committees will continue to
play an increasingly

important role in our success.  We thank you in advance for becoming NANOG
members and taking an

active part in our governance.

Best regards,

Sylvie, on behalf of the NANOG Board of Directors
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