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Jima nanog at
Mon Jul 15 01:08:16 UTC 2013

On 2013-07-13 20:15, Jima wrote:
>   I can happily state that XMission is my home ISP, with UTOPIA
> (city-involved fiber optic provider) as the local loop.  (Really, who
> has 100/100 at home?)

  Thanks to everyone who responded -- my list of places I'm willing to 
live is rounding out. ;-)

  XMission does offer 1000/1000, as well; I seem to recall the price is 
something like $300/mo.  For us, the problem was more finding remote 
sites that can push data rates anywhere near one's own limit (as it's 
enough of a problem at 100mbit), making the price bump not quite worth it.

  The unfortunate fallout from having such great service is that I live 
in fear of having to move outside of a UTOPIA service area, and back to 
the duopoly providers (Comcast & CenturyLink for the most part here). 
One might suggest getting XMission over DSL, but CenturyLink has been 
locking out third-party providers as they've rolled out ADSL2.


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