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Jim, thanks, certainly understand business priorities.


But Patrick's statement was that a business having its own server was
"simply not realistic", which I took to be along the dimensions of
economically unrealistic or technically unrealistic.  


In a world of kids growing up with Raspberry Pi's (i.e. their own server to
login as root), learning HTML in High School (if not earlier), is it only
lack of interest which keeps businesses from having their own server?


Is it "realistic" for companies to have an appliance which can provide email
and web?


Tony Patti
S. Walter Packaging Corp.


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I could support any of these services myself, and have guys that work me
that can as well, but none of these are my core business, and my investors
REALLY prefer me focusing on my core business, I suspect most of us have
shareholders, investors, owners that feel the same way.  I struggled with
idea of not running my own boxes for services, but in the end decided that
the trade of various gov't reading my boring office mail was the right
choice for my business.




On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 9:09 PM, Tony Patti <tony at> wrote:

I think it is (could be) (should be) realistic for many/most businesses.

TWELVE years ago (press release March 20 2001), Comcast deployed Linux-based
Sun Cobalt Qube appliances as CPE with their business-class Internet
these provided firewall security, web caching, optional content filtering,
an e-mail server, a web server, file and print servers.

You could argue that
(a) it was not "your own" server, even though it was CPE, or
(b) Comcast did not continue to offer these appliances (i.e. that Sun
cancelled the product line),
but my point is that it was provided within the economics of the Internet
Services being purchased, i.e. not cost-prohibitive.

Tony Patti
S. Walter Packaging Corp.

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On Jul 12, 2013, at 19:22 , Nick Khamis <symack at> wrote:

> Set up your own email server, host your own web pages, maintain your
> own cloud, breath your own oxygen FTW.

That's simply not realistic for many companies and essentially all people
(to a first approximation).



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