hotel networks, was One of our own in the Guardian.

John Levine johnl at
Sun Jul 14 14:22:06 UTC 2013

>I suspect the problem is the (offsite) hotel that Mark and I are at was not
>really prepared for a full house of folks interested in viewing streams,
>downloading documents, etc. (despite attempts to inform the hotel of the
>impending tsunami). I imagine folks involved in setting up NANOG-related
>networks might be familiar with this sort of situation...

I've talked to people who do conference arrangements, and no matter
what you tell the hotel, the hotel talks to their outsourced Internet
provider, who tells them it will be fine, which of course it will not
be.  The hotel outsourcers also tend to have poorly trained staff who
think that the way to increase wifi capacity is to turn the power on
all of the APs up to 11.

The IETF deals with this problem by writing into the conference
agreement that their netops people will take over the hotel's network
for the duration of the meeting, and bring in their own adequate
backhaul.  Dunno what ICANN does.

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