One of our own in the Guardian.

David Conrad drc at
Sun Jul 14 10:26:20 UTC 2013

On Jul 14, 2013, at 11:12 AM, shawn wilson < at> wrote:
> You're on a continent with the second least amount of light pollution
> of all of the continents on earth (iirc) and are somehow surprised
> about bad net access?

Africa is not homogeneous.

> I would question the wisdom of planning a tech
> conference there, but not the facility itself.

Actually, I expect the bandwidth/latency at the conference venue itself is fine (has been so far, but the conference hasn't really started yet), even given the high-bandwidth requirements (streaming audio and video in parallel sessions and around 2000 attendees and a zillion wifi devices).  ICANN has been doing this for a while in a bunch of different places (some significantly more challenging than Durban, ZA).

I suspect the problem is the (offsite) hotel that Mark and I are at was not really prepared for a full house of folks interested in viewing streams, downloading documents, etc. (despite attempts to inform the hotel of the impending tsunami). I imagine folks involved in setting up NANOG-related networks might be familiar with this sort of situation...


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