Secure Tunneling. Only with more Control!!!

Nick Khamis symack at
Sat Jul 13 13:36:09 UTC 2013

Not having to hijack, and
without further ado,

On 7/12/13, ryangard at <ryangard at> wrote:
> It wouldn't be. When the endpoint in question is compromised, there isn't
> any amount of tunneling or obscurity between point a and point b that will
> resolve it. Only thing you can do is change to a solution that you have more
> control over.
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This just got very interesting. Given that we do not own any Microsoft
products here, and still able to function like any other corporation,
I am more interested in a "solution that you have more control over"
secured connections. We currently are using OpenVPN and PKI, coupled
with a company policy of key updates every 3 months this will only get
incrementally more complex as the number of clients increase. Not to
mention one only needs a 3 minutes....

Question: What other options do we have to maintain a secure
connection between client and server that gives us more control over
traditional OpenVPN+PKI. It would be nice to be able to deploy private
keys automatically to the different clients however, seems like a
disaster waiting to happen.

I would really appreciate some of your takes on this matter, what
types of technology, policies are being employed out there for secure

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