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On 07/12/13 13:54, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
> On Jul 12, 2013, at 13:44 , Bryan Fields <Bryan at> wrote:
>> On 7/12/13 1:39 PM, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
>>> Put another way, whether it was stupid or evil, the results are the same. Turning off a customer in good standing is actionable in court, and should be avoided by legitimate businesses at nearly all costs.
>> You can void a contract at any time so long as you're willing to accept the
>> result.
> Hence the "actionable in court" phrase.
>> I've seen people have their service cut off and a carrier keep their
>> equipment.  Sure they will get it back, but is it worth spending 100k fighting
>> them in court for three years? 
> Every business makes tough decisions. For instance, judging the risk/reward ratio of getting, for instance, loss of use fees, legal fees, etc., out of an opponent in a court case.
> Either way, I'm interested in hearing when a company does these bad things so I can add that into the decision when considering that company. (To be clear, one person saying "they cut me off without warning" does not automatically mean I would never do business with a company. There's always another side. But I still like to collect the info when possible.)
> In this case, the OP didn't mention which company it was, other than "monopole".

Well "monopole" (or in good english "monopoly") ... I left their name
out on purpose.  There is no point into shaming them.

I was more interested how prevalent it was in other markets.

As this being in Canada...  They can easily bury any legal action in
suits for centuries =D

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