Friday Hosing

Jean-Francois Mezei jfmezei_nanog at
Fri Jul 12 18:17:24 UTC 2013

On 13-07-12 11:44, Alain Hebert wrote:

> After a somewhat pleasant call to the "monopole" informing them that
> they are planning to divorce them in 30 days, and that it was clearly
> stated that since they are paying for those additional 30 days that
> their services wont be cut off...

1- You call to make cancellation on date X. Speak to person 1.

2- Wait 20 minutes

3- Call again, speak to person 2, confirm your services will be
cancelled on date X and that you have already paid for services until
then. (or that an invoice has already been produced or will be produced.)

I am not one to defend the big bad incumbents. But consider you are
calling on the day before new billing cycle begins. The agent may have
flagged your account to to close at end of current billing cycle
thinking it would be about a month from now. But it happens to be only a
few hours from now.

You should also note that big bad incumbents have bad reputation of
requiring one extra month payment before they allow you to leave them.
So the agent may have been nice in waiving that requirement and allowed
you to leave earlier, saving you a month's worth of billing. (and not
realising the troubles it will cause a business when service is cut
before the date specified by customer)

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