Office 365..? how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages

Fred Reimer freimer at
Fri Jul 12 14:59:05 UTC 2013

The US federal government may have funded some initial research into the
Internet, but they certainly didn't "[give] it to us in the first place."
I know it was probably not the intention, but the phrasing of that
statement implies that we are using a government provided communications
infrastructure, and as a result we should expect the government to
intercept, store, and analyze any information sent over "their" network.

Other than that, I completely agree with your statement; it should be a
shock to no one that the US federal government is attempting to intercept,
store, and analyze as much information from as many sources as possible.
As other stated, the somewhat shocking news is that companies have been
blatantly lying to the public as to their involvement in this activity.
If they are barred from discussing it publicly by applicable laws, which
may be unconstitutional and which they refuse the fight in court, then at
a minimum they could have said something to the effect of "no comment."
Again, this is only somewhat shocking, because I believe everyone expected
they were lying, but to see them try and cover up now is both somewhat
comical and disappointing.

Fred Reimer

On 7/11/13 9:27 PM, "Rodrick Brown" <rodrick.brown at> wrote:

>::::: off topic rant :::::
>Just assume no data you store and or traverses any public cloud
>service is private or secure this is just silly.
>I can't believe people are so naive to believe messages sent over the
>public Internet isn't intercepted stored and analyzed by the same
>government bodies who gave it to us in the first place.
>I've always heard rumors as a kid that the NSA had systems long in
>place that could record all voice calls based on certain key phrases
>ever since the Nixon era so please tell me why are most people shocked
>with all the spying by governments?
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>> Anyone else planning on bailing from office365?
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