On topic of domains

Andrew Sullivan asullivan at dyn.com
Fri Jul 12 11:20:49 UTC 2013

On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 9:23 PM, Jimmy Hess <mysidia at gmail.com> wrote:

> Domain names can be presented with a trailing dot.    A fully
> qualified domain always contains at least one explicit dot.

But not always at the end, which is why there's a problem.  RFC1123, in my
opinion, contains a remark that ought to indicate to people that the
trailing dot convention isn't even universal for determining whether a name
is really fully-qualified.  (See section  That RFC is also, of
course, how we got 3com.net as a legal name, for prior to 1123 "3com"
wasn't a valid label anywhere.)



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