Office 365..? how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages

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It's not a shock. What is shocking, is the blatant disregard for general privacy. Because it exists on a medium other than something I own, it does not somehow become property of another. If this isn't a big deal, I imagine a search of your home isn't an issue either? The point is, these companies have the power (they, after all, pay for elections) to tell these people.. It's not your call. You cannot simply say we are collecting everything, to avert an attack. The Boston guys were both from out of the country, with foreign names, and foreign governments had warned us before. How effective is a machine that scans data for terrorist machines, if a FLAGGED person can still cause us harm?

This jihad against America has accomplished one thing, we are going broke trying to fend off an invisible enemy. A kid from Nigeria hopped on a plane with a bomb in his shorts and MADE IT TO AMERICAN SOIL. If I am giving up privacy, I expect a tangible return. A couple of bedroom bombers slipping through the cracks and killing people is not a tangible return, in my opinion. The NSA needs to be spying on OTHER people, we are apparently innocent until proven guilty.. Ymmv

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::::: off topic rant :::::

Just assume no data you store and or traverses any public cloud
service is private or secure this is just silly.

I can't believe people are so naive to believe messages sent over the
public Internet isn't intercepted stored and analyzed by the same
government bodies who gave it to us in the first place.

I've always heard rumors as a kid that the NSA had systems long in
place that could record all voice calls based on certain key phrases
ever since the Nixon era so please tell me why are most people shocked
with all the spying by governments?

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> Anyone else planning on bailing from office365?
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