File transfer speed between Hong Kong and Johannesburg, South Africa

Nick Hilliard nick at
Thu Jul 11 17:51:41 UTC 2013

On 11/07/2013 18:14, Luan Nguyen wrote:
> We do have Riverbed Steelhead appliances at both end.
> According to calculation, maximum throughput can be attained is ~330KB/sec.
> With the Riverbed "cold" transfer, we should get ~600KB/sec. But I can only
> get ~250KB/sec with the Steelhead doing its stuff for 500M file so plenty
> of time for whatever to kick in.  Iperf and netperf show great results
> though.
> I guess I will be sampling results hourly for comparison.

I can't think of a worse protocol you could use in this situation.  Well
maybe if it were layered on top of IPX...

You may want to consider alternative proposals for handling file transfer
between these two locations.  E.g. google docs, office 365, etc.
Alternatively something simple like using mounts which are r/w on one side
but r/o on the other, and using tools like rsync to mirror the r/w on the
local side to the r/o mount on other.  Live SMB filesharing is a disaster
over large rtt links.


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