Ciena 6200 clue?

Bryan Fields Bryan at
Thu Jul 4 16:50:58 UTC 2013

On 7/3/13 9:32 PM, Christopher Morrow wrote:
> honestly? this sounds like typical alu :(
> some of their kit requires either proxy-arp from the default-gw (and
> no support for default-gw, all of the 'internet' is out the management
> ether... on that ether link) or 'can we run ospf with your router?'
> what?? you put ospf processing/handling/debugging (ha!) but you can't
> point 0/0 at that ip over -> there?? wtf
The older microwave radios were like this. 

Most other vendors just put a serial console on the product at 9600n8 to do a
basic config (power, channel, etc).
Not ALU.

The radio sets up a PPP connection on the serial port and that connects to a
windows laptop (XP sp1 or older, win2k works best).
Now do you think they use IP for this? nope!  ISO CLNS and ISIS to find the radio.
Only after these 5 things go right, may you fire up the java GUI that actually
talks to it.  After about 10 min, it should be up and might talk to it.
Now on the odd chance it does not work (shocking, right?), you get to trouble
shoot it.  Better break out the Italian to English dictionary, all the error
messages are in Italian.

Thankfully the IP routing development team does not have these issues.  Most
possess a good amount of clue. 

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