Ciena 6200 clue?

Phil Bedard bedard.phil at
Wed Jul 3 21:41:55 UTC 2013

The ALU 7750/7450, etc. routers have a separate routing
process/configuration for their OOB mgmt and as of the last time I looked
do not support a default gateway.


On 7/2/13 7:30 PM, "Jason Lixfeld" <jason at> wrote:

>So I've got a bunch of Ciena 6200 kit in, with some of their professional
>services folks onsite, helping with the initial setup.  I know nothing of
>this kit, other than from what I'm being told, it's pretty bleeding edge,
>so much so that not even many people at Ciena know how to use it.
>The SE who's onsite is apparently claiming that there is no provision to
>set a default gateway on the management interface.  This seems odd to me.
> What is more odd is that we have to buy a manual for it.  There isn't an
>electronic version available, even.
>I've created an account on their portal, so when that gets approved, I'll
>see what sort of documentation I can find, but off the top of anyone's
>head, does anyone know how to do this default gateway thing on the
>management interface?  It's apparently been IP'd properly, so that much
>is working...
>Thanks in advance.  Sorry for the lack of content otherwise.

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