.nyc - here we go...

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Wed Jul 3 03:26:24 UTC 2013

>Rather than asking random strangers, you can read the applicant
>guidebook and find out what the actual rules are:
>Ok, you're correct. I need to add that to my list of reading.  
>I am just thinking about the digital divide getting larger
>(not smaller) as these places are writing about on their 
>various technical mailing lists.  That kind of money is not
>insignificant to them.

The largest set of applications are for single registrant vanity
domains, like .ibm and .mormon from IBM and the LDS church.  I don't
see them causing much damage to anyone other than the organizations
who are paying for them.

There are some from geographic areas like .nyc, and a bunch from
people who imagine that they can get rich with people who want
to register in .hockey or .art.

The one that sort of is like what you were worried about is the
application for .patagonia, which is from the outdoors equipment
company, and is causing great consternation in southern Argentina.
It remains to be seen what ICANN will do about that.

Also, considering what a bust all the existing special interest
domains such as .aero, .travel, .museum, and .asia are, I wouldn't
hold my breath waiting for vast action in any of the new ones.


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