ALTDB question.

Faisal Imtiaz faisal at
Mon Jul 1 23:03:20 UTC 2013


A quick question for all.

It's my understanding that the Maintainer object needs to be created first. This is accomplished by sending the template to db-admin at

This is not an automated process, but gets done manually. If there is any discrepancy then one gets a reply back with the error .

a) Am I correct in my understanding of above ?
b) Is there any auto reply to confirm email receipt ? or only replies are after the request is either complete or sent back for missing / incorrect info ?
c) What would be the appropriate amount of time to wait for such a reply ?
d) Is there a way to check to see if the Maintainer object has been created ?

Many thanks in advance.
I dealing with Altdb for the first time, so am looking for some base for what to expect and or not to expect.


Faisal Imtiaz
Snappy Internet & Telecom

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