NANOG Digest, Vol 60, Issue 113

Brzozowski, John John_Brzozowski at
Thu Jan 31 21:18:40 UTC 2013 is up to date and will have more devices
this year.  If the device is a standalone modem and has IPv6 checked you
need to make sure your customer owned CPE supports IPv6 *AND* is enabled.
Otherwise if it is an integrated device provided by Comcast or via
retails, once the IPv6 checked box is checked IPv6 support will be enabled
by default.  However, please note in cases where the router can be
disabled I will not override your selection.  Integrated devices in router
mode will be IPv6 enabled by default.

John Jason Brzozowski
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>Looking at you get a choice of wireless
>or IPv6 in Arris.

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