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This is news, it would be great if more details were available.  Anyone?

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>On Wed, 30 Jan 2013, David Barak wrote:
>>Comcast removed the "no IPv6" excuse?  That removal somehow skipped my
>>house in Washington DC where they installed (last October) a router
>>which does not even support it (an Arrus voice gateway- the one where
>>you can't turn of the crummy 2.4g wireless radio) and none of the
>>folks I've spoken to on the phone can tell me when or if it will be
>I know Verizon is rolling out v6 in some areas of their FiOS footprint.
>The router they provided supports it, but what I got from their customer
>service people was that they ran into some sort of issue with their TV
>set-top boxes working properly with IPv6 or at least in a dual-stack
>environment.  At least that's where things stand in Pittsburgh.
>I don't think they've provided training to their customer service people
>on IPv6 yet.  The rep I spoke with a few weeks ago told me I was the first
>customer that has asked her about it.
>Looking forward to native v6 / dual-stack here...

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