DDoS Attacks Cause of Game Servers

Jeroen Massar jeroen at massar.ch
Thu Jan 31 08:41:54 UTC 2013

On 2013-01-31 08:53 , Shahab Vahabzadeh wrote:
> Those ip addresses I send were only sample, its 5 page :D and not only
> those addresses.
> And you are looking to target 128.141.X.Y its mine is CERN in Switzerland.

Thus not yours, but "owned"(*) by noc at cern.ch.
(unless you work there, but I don't think that is the case...)

If you have the need to hide your IP addresses, then do so properly by
marking them as x.x.x.x, don't use other people's IP addresses as
examples that only causes alarm bells to ring and people to do
unnecessary work. And then the next time you complain people will nicely
just ignore you.

> and I change it
> because of mailing list, maybe attackers are here.

Obviously you have something to hide from and something that those
attackers want to attack.

That is the first problem that you need to solve IMHO, not having
anything that needs to be attacked is a very good strategy.


(* = pre-RIR alloc, then then it is more 'owned' right? :)

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