Muni fiber: L1 or L2?

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Thu Jan 31 03:59:46 UTC 2013

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> Calix is producing an Active Ethernet ONT combined with residential
> gateway router. I believe it also supports TR-069 for remote management.

I'll check it out.  Thanks.  I assume that's TR-TSY-069, a Telcordia 

> One other thing I noticed, most seem to assume a pair of fibers per device.
> Assuming 1G connection, you can easily use bi-directional optics such as we
> use for Active Ethernet and use a single fiber.

Yeah, but the incremental cost of 3-pr drop fiber is likely only to be 
maybe 10-15% of the build, and reducing the flexibility is gonna need a 
big trade-off for me to buy it; remember, my goal is to allow any prem to 
go Layer 1 to wherem ever they want to; they may want both.

(L1 to my other locations, in a ring, and L2 up to a provider from my

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