Juniper MX10 and dual stack BGP

David Miller dmiller at
Thu Jan 31 02:06:09 UTC 2013

On 1/30/2013 5:16 PM, Justin M. Streiner wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Jan 2013, Christopher Rogers wrote:
>> Does anyone have any sort of performance numbers for the jnpr MX10 series
>> running dual stack ipv4/ipv6?  I'm specifically interested in how many
>> BGP
>> prefixes it can handle in dual stacked mode.  I've got an environment
>> currently taking 4 full ipv4 tables and a smattering of prefixes coming
>> from a public peering exchange, and I'm curious what will happen if we
>> move
>> to dual stack...
> I don't have MXs at the border at this point, but I do have a pair of
> M120s taking 3 full v4 and v6 BGP feeds, plus a few non-transit peers,
> and they're handling the load just fine.  Just as a point of reference...
> jms

According to Juniper, the MX uses separate memory for v4 and v6.

The numbers that I have seen for MX80 are:

v4 FIB 1mil
v4 RIB 4mil

v6 FIB 512k
v6 RIB 3mil

MX10 should be the same as it has the same RE, but just enables/licenses
different #s of ports.  These are "conservative" numbers and I have seen
claims of higher actual capacity from some sources.

... I wouldn't expect that you would have any route memory issues moving
to dual stack ...


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