Muni fiber: L1 or L2?

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> I don't know of any residential telco services (pots, ISDN BRI, or
> DSL) that has an active handoff they can test to without a truck
> roll.

FiOS and anyone else who's doing triple play from an ONT.  :-)

> I don't know of any cable services with an active handoff similar
> to an ONT, although they can interrogate most cable boxes and modems
> for signal quality measurements remotely to get some idea of what
> is going on. On the flip side, when CableCo's provide POTS they
> must include a modem with a battery, and thus incur the cost of
> shipping new batteries out and old batteries back every ~5 years;
> which they sometimes do by truck roll...

Yeah; I have 10,000ish passings in 2.8 sq mi; I *want* to visit each node
once every 5 years.  :-)

> So it seems to me both of those services find things work just fine
> without an ONT-like test point. ONTs seem unique to FTTH deployments,
> of which most today are GPON...

Yes, but I hate GPON with a passion.

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