Muni fiber: L1 or L2?

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Tue Jan 29 22:02:55 UTC 2013

One thing that is bothersome about carriers is that sometimes if they
have Tons of fiber to your building, they still will only offer
Layer2/3 services. If there's fiber there, I'd like to be able to
lease it in some fashion (even if expensive, but preferably not).

If a muni is making something that is good for the public, I think
they can and should offer Layer2 services, but also make the option to
directly get the fibers at a reasonable price .. even for Individuals
and small companies. I think services that are offered should also
provide the ability to order the subcomponents including Layer1.

That should encourage competition, usability, and fun. I'd totally get
a 10G from my work to home or whatever.

On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 12:54 PM, Jay Ashworth <jra at> wrote:
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>> From: "Leo Bicknell" <bicknell at>
>> I am a big proponent of muni-owned dark fiber networks. I want to
>> be 100% clear about what I advocate here:
>> - Muni-owned MMR space, fiber only, no active equipment allowed. A
>> big cross connect room, where the muni-fiber ends and providers are
>> all allowed to colocate their fiber term on non-discriminatory terms.
>> - 4-6 strands per home, home run back to the muni-owned MMR space.
>> No splitters, WDM, etc, home run glass. Terminating on an optical
>> handoff inside the home.
> Hmmm.  I tend to be a Layer-2-available guy, cause I think it lets smaller
> players play.  Does your position (likely more deeply thought out than
> mine) permit Layer 2 with Muni ONT and Ethernet handoff, as long as clients
> are *also* permitted to get a Layer 1 patch to a provider in the fashion you
> suggest?
> (I concur with your 3-pair delivery, which makes this more practical on an
> M-A-C basis, even if it might require some users to have multiple ONTs...)
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