IPV6 in enterprise best practices/white papaers

Miquel van Smoorenburg mikevs at xs4all.net
Tue Jan 29 21:36:10 UTC 2013

In article <xs4all.12519635.4213.1359489253787.JavaMail.root at benjamin.baylink.com> you write:
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>> From: "Doug Barton" <dougb at dougbarton.us>
>> > Depends on how big your "deployment" is. For a small office -- say,
>> > 100 PCs or less; something that will fit in what I will catch schidt
>> > for referring to as a "Class C" :-) -- with a single current
>> > generation consumer market edge NAT router, then yes, in fact, you
>> > Just Plug It All In.
>> Well sure, but the same would be true for the equivalent IPv6
>> deployment.
>Is that in fact true?  My takeaway from watching NANOG the last 8 years 
>is that it doesn't always work like that.

That's how it works for all our customers: they plug in the consumer
market edge IPv4 NAT + IPv6 router we send them, and they have IPv4 + IPv6
and often don't even realize it.


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