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> Is last mile infrastructure really considered "internet" ? If a GPON
> system operates as layer 2, it provides no internet connectivity, no IP
> routing and would/should not implement any IP use policies such as
> throttling etc. About the only traffic management it would do is
> provide separate garanteed bandwidth channel for VoIP. (or via QoS)
> If the last mile is sold only as wholesale (as is the case for
> Australian NBN), then it is up to each private service provider who
> buys access to reach homes to implement IP policies and connect to the
> internet, provide services such as DHCP etc.

Though I wouldn't pick GPON over home-run, yes, that's roughly the point I
and another poster were trying to make in earlier replies: 

If you're at layer 1, and arguably at layer 2, then move-add-change on 
physical patches / VLAN assignments is all you would need to log, since you
don't actually touch "real traffic".

One of the major arguments in favor of doing it that way.

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