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Rob McEwen rob at invaluement.com
Tue Jan 29 17:45:40 UTC 2013

On 1/29/2013 12:21 PM, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> ill-informed racist

Really? And you call me a "troll", too?

> anti-Obama diatribe that has no place on this list.

I never said anything about Obama, but, at face value, the 'Disclose'
Act was totalitarian in nature. Something I'd expect to see only
seriously proposed in the old Soviet Union. Those who enthusiastically
supported it are/were statist thugs. Proposing a bill which limits free
political speech by putting ridiculous and hugely-expensive burdens on
"mom & pop" bloggers typing from their living room computers is
something straight out of East Germany circa 1960 (except with today's
technology). If that means I'm talking about Obama, so be at... "if the
shoe fits..." but to say this is "racist" is laughable. Also, you can
try to dismiss the Disclose act critics by throwing labels at them...
but interesting that you didn't go on record challenging the facts in
that wsj op-ed, or go on record supporting the Disclose act. ("attach
the messenger" as a means of avoiding the actual subject material...
much like your 100% baseless "racist" accusation towards me.)

Also, you're right, at a couple of points, I did get FCC and FEC labels
mixed up. But my larger points stand. The campaign finance law passed
several years ago and the proposed 'Disclose' Act demonstrated less than
pure intentions regarding the Federal Government's desire to control
information. And the Federal Government's "net neutrality" proposals ARE
100% all about 4th amendment violations, as a means towards controlling
information. Even if I'm wrong and those proposing "net neutrality" have
100% best intentions (they don't), then a trampling of the 4th amendment
would STILL become a "law of unintended consequences", at least in the
implementation proposes I've read.

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