switch 10G standalone TOR, core to DC

Alain Hebert ahebert at pubnix.net
Tue Jan 29 15:27:50 UTC 2013


    I do suggest you go over EN offering with a fine tooth comb.

    We experienced a whole lot of issues with 6 x650:

        . from hardware licensing (start at shipping from the fab and
not when the customers get them);
        . software licensing (have to license every box even the ones in
the labs);
        . known eeprom defect limiting upgrade from XOS 12 to 15;
        . 1 vlan-translation causing all sort of head-aches with
port-grouping (ether-channel);
        . EAPS packets being silently filtered out of VMAN's when you do
not use the Core license;
        ( Undocumented and that is not acceptable when trying to
transport customers owns EAPS traffic on their VLAN's )
        . no VLAN flapping logging;

    Don't get me wrong, they are good campus switches...  just not
designed for "our" L2 Core purposes.

    And the Licensing is just an exercise in frustration.  I can
understand the business purpose, just not the way they go about doing it.

    As for L3 support, it is fine:

        . include IP tracking in VRRP with is a plus for us
        . Virtual Routers

    We don't need them for BGP and we do not have a MPLS network yet.

    As for the x670, maybe most of the hardware issue has been
addressed, but I doubt the licensing and undocumented limitations is better.

    PS: We're using them (x650), and are planning to keep
using/recommending EN products, but it did cost us a lot of man hours
and un-planned crashes that could have been prevented with better
documentation and support.

    Good luck with your project =D

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On 01/29/13 06:27, Piotr wrote:
> Hello,
> I looking some 10G switches, it should work as TOR or core in DC. It
> should have more than 40 port 10G in one unit, wirespeed L2 L3, with
> virtual routers and some other ip functions like some BGP, OSPF,
> policy routing, 1-2U, MLAG, g.8032 (ERPS) trill-like ?
> Other important features are  big port buffers ( something similar to
> Juniper EX8200 - 512 MB per slot), defined counters accessible via
> snmp (like in junos), L3 statistics  accessible via snmp
> Extreme 670 looks good but they have small port buffers. It can be
> also some small chassis with line cards but the cost per 10G ports is
> too big..
> What vendor, model You prefer or suggest as a solution ?
> thanks for help
> best,
> Peter

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