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> On 1/28/2013 6:23 AM, Jay Ashworth wrote:
> > To paraphrase Guy L Steele:
> >
> > If we are this far on into the "new IPv6 world" and that question is
> > not
> > one which can be answered by a link on the first page of ghits for
> > 'implementing IPv6', then the IPv6 people have blown it badly.
> Can you show me the equivalent link for "I want to implement IPv4 on
> my network"?

IPv4 is mature enough that for small to medium sized networks, the answer
is "you plug everything in".

My appraisal of v6 is that it's an order of magnitude (or two) more complex
than that, both in 'attack' surface and interoperability issues.

But, I suppose, it took me a couple years to really learn IPv4 well.

That said, *having* learned IPv4 relatively well, I remain surprised
that there's as much additional (perceived) complexity in v6.

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