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Subject: Re: IPV6 in enterprise best practices/white papaers Date: Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 12:31:37PM -0500 Quoting William Herrin (bill at herrin.us):
> Right. On a each local machine you can often override the default
> behavior. That default dynamically kicks in for all machines as soon
> as there's an IPv6 router on the LAN. Configurable? Sort of. Realistic
> solution to the cited problem? Not in your wildest dreams.

Well, I'm doing a careful, slow rollout of v6 in an enterprise. Things
like this can be herded so as to be way below the threshold of noticeable
for 99% of the users. The only quirk we've found is a LAN that first
got v6 and then lost it (long story of IOS upgrades enforcing sanity and
breaking hackish deployments). Clients on other segments were a bit upset.
> That's right, blame the applications for the defective API. After all,
> any skilled application programmer can work around the problem, given
> sufficiently long experience with IPv6.

IMNSHO, the API is not as defective as you might think. The idea was to
replace v4. If we cling to v4, what is going to happen? (Well, ask just
about any ISP except HE and a few others, they can tell how it feels to
cling to v4 and go LALALALALALALACANTHEARYOU when customers ask for v6)
The happy eyeballs fix is of course convenient, but only necessary when
the network is so broken for v6 that you should not have turned RA on..

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