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On 24 January 2013 23:38, Joe Greco <jgreco at> wrote:
> So, then, "replace it with what, exactly?"  What if we all wake up
> one morning to find that our computers have gained an IQ of 6000?
> Will the computers be making jokes about "as dumb as a human" and
> debating ways to identify if they're talking with another computer
> or just a human?  :-)

I don't like Facebook, or the lost of all our privacy.  But if
Facebook work hard to ban all robots, then you have a simple way to
solve this problem (or outsource it to facebook) by having a "login
with facebook to post" button.

This don't work for all uses.  If you have a photo Gallery, and your
bussines plan is to show in the gallery the lores image, and sell the
highres somebody will wwgget all of it, by  teaching the bot to login
with facebook. Random people will use the lores version, and ignore
your highres version photos. You you do here, is to watermark all
photos in the center with your logo, but this make the photos look

You get paid by a museum to photography and put online a Mayan Codex
and other cool stuff , but the museum want you to put the photos
online but with DRM... so people still have to visit the museum to
watch the book. Then you uses a java applet as viewer, or other ugly
way that ofuscate how the computer download and view the images.

If you have a forum, you can disable public registration, and allow
registration with invites, so to register in the forum you must be
invited by a person already in the forum.

We don't have to replace CAPTCHA by a single tecnique, It could be
replaced by different solutions for different sites.

Good News: World levels of spam in email are lowering, more and more
and more. Thats a fight the good guys are winning!.

ℱin del ℳensaje.

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